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The Bougie Bitch Cocktail & Our Home Bar Obsessions

Updated: May 3, 2021

1 jar of wild hibiscus flowers in syrup

Champagne, Prosecco or Sparkling Wine - avoid an overly sweet wine/champagne as the syrup will add sweetness. Look for a Brute or Sauvage.


Place one hibiscus flower in a champagne flute. Add 1-2 teaspoons of hibiscus syrup. Pour 6 ounces of bubbly into the glass and viola!

The Home Bar

This week, we're swooning over the Drinkworks Home Bar. It's a Keurig for cocktails! Simply pop a drink pod into the machine and you have a delicious cocktail with no clean up! Each pod contains alcohol and mixers. The machine chills and mixes your drink and will even carbonate it if the recipe calls for it. For more information on the Drinkworks machine or their drink pods visit

Before le plague (aka COVID-19) Tiffany wanted a home bar. Construction wasn't an option, so she scoured the web until she found "the one". It's like meeting your soul mate--when you know, you know! This solid onyx, backlit bar was created by LuxOnyx in Miami. They make a variety of high end onyx furniture, accessories and lighting.

Onyx soaks up and neutralizes negative energy and if 500 pounds of onyx can't fix the bad vibes in this hood, then nothing will!



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