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We've been friends and neighbors since 2016 and have shared milestones, holidays and the occasional adversity with laughter, music (usually from a boom box), cocktails and killer shoes.  ​ We share an appreciation of all things bougie and there's nothing we won't try to hang on to (what's left of) our youth.  ​ Our fun podcast will give you a glimpse of the over-the-top, oh-no-they-didn't escapades of our weird, wealthy and always crazy neighbors.  ​ Welcome to the neighborhood! ​



Mia is an Aquarian, mother of twins, wife, island queen, introverted extrovert, globetrotter, country clubber, holistic health coach, plant-based influencer and a communications consultant with an MBA and a passion for inspiring others to live their best life.


Tiffany is a dog mom, human wife, Bravo fanatic, marketing consultant and aspiring TV writer. She is a graduate of the UCLA Television Writing program. This former NYC ad exec spent twelve years in beauty & fashion and despite loving Florida, misses the hustle and bustle of city life.

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