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Love on the Rocks, Luxury Movers & Smart Luggage

If your relationship hit the skids, like Sarah's did in Episode 24, we've got just the movers and the luggage to help you move out and move on up, honey!

So pour yourself a cocktail and call Debra from Smooth Moves By Design and let her work her magic.

The Love on the Rocks cocktail was crafted in the trendy, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill in a Miami Beach hotel called the Plymouth. It’s a twist of the modern-classic Paper Plane, which combines bourbon, Aperol, lemon, and Amaro Nonino.


1 oz bourbon

0.5 oz creme de cassis

0.5 oz Aperol

0.5 oz fresh lemon juice

2 dashes Regan's Orange Bitters.

Combine all ingredients over ice and shake. Strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass, and top with Cava. Serve in an old fashioned glass & garnish with a lemon twist.

Smooth Moves By Design is the brainchild of our super fan, Debra! This luxury moving company will take the stress out of your move. In addition to luxury moving, their other services include interior design, and executive relocation.

Select from two different packages, Gold and Silver:

Gold: SMBD will coordinate the move from your old home to your new residence. By initially meeting the movers, they carry out a supervised packing of the entire home and furnishings and oversee until the move is complete. So when you walk into your beautiful new residence with candles lit, pillows fluffed and music playing, you feel like life hasn't skipped a beat... all while never seeing a box! Can you hear the angels singing? Cuz we can!

Silver: You supervise your own packing and they take it from there! SMBD will meet your movers at the new residence and their creative team will personalize every minute detail of your home’s new interior.

Join their email list and receive a 10% discount off of your first move! Say hi to Debra for us!

  • Away luggage is built for a lifetime and with a 100 day, money back guarantee, there's no reason to NOT try them!

  • Away makes premium suitcases, bags and travel accessories. All with thoughtful features like chargers, concealed laundry bags and sturdy handles.

  • There are a range of colors to choose from and you can even customize your bag with your initials.

  • The built in charger is optional. The chargers can be removed from the bag and used separately. They're a real lifesaver when you're strolling through the streets of Paris!

  • Each bag is lightweight yet sturdy. When paired with packing cube you can really maximize the space.

  • Away sells direct to the consumer on their site:

  • Free shipping, free returns.

These items are not paid endorsements. They're the things we love!


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