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Saints, Giving & Blue Pills

Updated: Feb 12

Our Cocktail of the Week in Episode 35: Charity Scammers is The Blue Pill and we are sipping for cause as each drink contributes to fighting hunger in America.

This yummy drinkie was artfully made with Simple Vodka. It is a farm-to-bottle spirit developed to fight hunger in the United States. For each bottle produced, Simple Vodka states that they donate 20 meals per bottle — effectively, one meal per drink.

The Bay Club in Miami features the “Blue Pill” featuring a big slash of Simple Vodka, lavender water, blueberry, allspice, lemon and a St. Germaine foam (skip the foam if vegan).

Here is the tedious by delish recipe for Germaine Foam


3 egg whites, 9 Tbl or 4 ½ oz. pasteurized egg whites

3 oz. St. Germaine Liqueur

2 oz. lemon juice

1 dash lemon bitters

Lightly whip egg whites

Add all ingredients to whipped cream charger

Secure top and shake a few times to further break up the egg whites and combine ingredients.

Double charge with N2O, shaking 4-5 times between charges. Chill for at least 1 hour before use.

It Keeps a few days refrigerated.

Bougie Bible Selects

Photo Credit: Food for Life

Mia's charity select is one of the biggest one of the most popular vegan charities. It is called Food For Life Global ( and the they served more than seven billion meals already. Food for Life has projects all over the world to help feed healthy plant-based meals to impoverished people. FFL serves around 2 million plant-based meals every single day to those in need.

Their mission is simple, to feed some of the most vulnerable people on our planet with delicious and healthy meals, uplifting communities, and ending food poverty. FFL also helps with disaster relief efforts, feeding those who have been displaced by natural disasters and left malnourished with nothing. FFL is also known to get involved with animal rescue projects all over the world.

Photo Credit: St. Baldricks

Founded by Tiffany's hubby and our very own Mr. Somm and two former colleagues who had a desire to give back. Name is a combo of St. Patrick and Bald as the events, while they can be held anytime take place predominantly on or around St. Patrick’s day.

In 2000, the very first St. Baldrick’s event was held at the annual reinsurance industry’s St. Patrick’s Day party, held at Jim Brady’s pub in Manhattan. The goal of shaving 17 heads and raising $17,000 turns into 19 bald heads - Mr. Somm’s being the first! and $104,000 donated to fund the research of the Children’s Oncology Group – with not one penny squandered. God bless the early adopters/shavees, reinsurance execs and first responders - who never refuse a call to help.

By 2015, As a result of research supported by St. Baldrick’s, the FDA approved a new drug that drastically increases the cure rate for high-risk neuroblastoma patients. It’s only the third approved drug in 20 years made specifically for kids with cancer.

To date, St. Baldrick’s is the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants. They’ve raised over $300 MIllion in grant money that funds research into new treatments and potential cures. All of the research data is shared at no cost to other organizations and research institutes. For more information or if you’d like to get involved visit


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