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Rum Runners, "Hot" Wheels & French Parfum

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

If you can't get away to Key West, this authentic Rum Runner recipe is the next best thing.

Standard Rum Runner

1 oz Pineapple Juice

1 oz Orange Juice

1 oz Blackberry liqueur

1 oz Banana liqueur

1 oz Light rum

1 oz Dark rum

Splash of Grenadine

Garnish lemon/lime/cherry

Add all of the above to a shaker of ice or blend with ice.

Extra Bougie Rum Runner

½ oz Blackberry brandy

1 oz Banana liqueur

1 oz Light rum

1 oz Spiced rum

Splash of Orange juice

Splash of Sweet & Sour mix

Garnish lemon/lime/cherry

Shake with ice or blend for a frozen tipple.


Bentley Continental GT W12

This week we're loving the Bentley Continental GT W12. It drives like a dream and makes you the bougiest bitch on the road. The interior is just as sleek and sexy as the outside with quilted stitching that gives us major Chanel vibes. You won't be in "stealth mode" in this whip!

Fragonard & Chateau de la Chevre d'Or

At the base of a tiny French village called Eze, is a perfume shop that we simply adore. Fragonard makes fragrances, candles, soaps, lotions, bath salts, cosmetics, linens, cosmetic bags among other items. They also have a shop in Paris. Fear not, if you can't get to Eze or Paris, you can order online or via Amazon

At the top of Eze is a magical 5 star luxury hotel, Chateau de la Chèvre D'or -- the golden goat. It's our happy place. If you're just passing through, you can visit one of their restaurants for a Michelin starred meal. Don't forget to stroll around the lush gardens and take in the view of the Mediterranean Sea. We simply j'adore this tiny gem.

Eze is approximately 20 minutes outside of Monte Carlo.

The above are not paid endorsements, they're things we love!


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