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Punches, Bell Bottoms & AI Rings

Updated: Feb 12

Cocktail of the Week for Episode 49: Bi-Coastal Bougie is Palm Springs Punch in honor of our special guest, Dan's Palm Springs get-away. The Palm Springs Punch is the official drink of Palm Springs according to the historic, tikki themed watering hole, The Reef.


Blackheart Spiced Rum

Triple Sec

Cream de Noyeaux - A red, almond flavored liqueur made from fruit stones, and sometimes made with peach or apricot pits.

Pineapple Juice

The rest of the recipe is top secret!

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Bougie Bible

Mia's Bougie Bible select this week is my fav boho chic boutique, FreePeople bell bottoms. Prices start at $78. Their jeans are soft, comfy and come in an array of vibrant colors. The company was started back in the 1970s by a young man named Dick Hayne who opened a store in Pennsylvania and called it Free People. Free People nurtured the young people who lived there and shopped there, who looked for a little of their own freedom in the clothes they wore. Their clothes embody femininity, courage, and spirit.

Tiffany is loving the Oura Ring. It has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, personalized health insights, sleep analysis, and so much more! Some of the highlights include curated library of guided sessions: meditation, sleep, focus, energy boost and more with instant feedback. In depth sleep analysis: various stages of sleep, oxygen level, temperature, quality of sleep. Daily Scores: Sleep, Activity (how you balance activity v. rest) and Readiness (how much can your body take on, on a given day).

  • 7 temperature sensors

  • Water resistant up to 300 feet

  • Adapts and responds to you

  • Automatic activity detection, nap detection, rest mode.

The cost of the generation ring cost $299. Check them out at

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