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Mommy Dearest, Hypnosis & Budget Beauty

Updated: Feb 12

The Cocktail of the Week, is the Evil Stepmother, befitting of Episode: 44: Step-Mommy Dearest and courtesy of


Chocolate Vodka

Pomegranate Juice

Chocolate Liqueur

Chill a martini glass in the fridge or freezer.

Combine equal parts Chocolate Vodka and Pomegranate juice in a shaker with ice. Shake.

Swirl the chocolate liqueur around the sides of the chilled class. Add the contents of the shaker and serve.

Photo Credit: DisneyFoodBlog

Bougie Bible

Mia is obsessed with Youtuber, Michael Sealey’s Guided Meditations for Calm · Sleep, Confidence and Inner Power, Sleep Meditations for Wealth and Gratitude and more. It helps me to fall asleep in minutes. His meditations are free and available on Youtube, where he has 1.5 million subscribers. Micheal says that his meditation combines guided sleep hypnosis imagery and metaphor, with spoken suggestions to encourage powerful relaxation from the incredible resources of your subconscious mind, for your complete deep sleep meditation experience. You hear messages of self hypnosis, guided meditation, mind and body relaxation, and guided visualization for your rapid sleep of replenishing, healing rest.

CeraVe: Drugstore Anti-Aging Hacks for Your Face and Body.

Tiffany is a big fan of CereVe, a drug store beauty brand frequently cited by celebrity dermatologists for their effective and affordable products. There are not many affordable, anti ageing products for your body and with this line, it is affordable enough that you can use it all over!

Here is a round-up of T's picks:

  • Renewing Salicylic Acid Face wash & Body Wash - safe for sensitive skin. If you can’t find the body wash, get the face wash. It’s a more effective and gentle exfoliator than a shower scrubby. Your skin will be so soft afterward.

  • Retinol Resurfacing Cream - great for crepey skin on your arms or elsewhere.

  • Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum is consistently mentioned as dermatologist favorites. Brightens and protects with antioxidants. Always use your serums before your moisturizer.

  • Skin renewing retinol serum - leave it by your bed. Put it on your hands at night - You need to use sunscreen the next day or two!

  • Anti aging Retinol Day cream with SPF 30 - slather it on your hands, neck and chest. Don’t forget your hands, too. Or you can use the Retinol night cream, however you MUST wear sunscreen.

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