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Modern Love, New Moons & Rugs

Updated: Feb 12

Modern Love is the Cocktail of Week in honor of Episode 38: The Man Fixer and special guest Heather Leigh.


1/2 Juiced pear

1/2 Lemon, squeezed

1/4 cup Lavender simple syrup - buy it or make it yourself.

2 oz Vodka -ish

Shake or stir all ingredients over ice. Strain into a highball glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge and lavender flower. Serve immediately.

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How has the modern man gotten so off track when it comes to love, confidence, and happiness? Welcome to The ManFixer, I’m your host Heather Leigh, and I have spent years studying, writing about, observing, and helping men regain their mojo when it comes to their place in the world. Shifting gender roles, blurred lines, skewed perspectives, emasculating women - all have left today’s men hesitant, confused, and frankly, lost in the wilderness. Guys, this show is going to kick-start you into becoming the caring, confident, and complete package that you were meant to be...and that she wants you to be. I am here to recreate positive communication and to get the juices flowing again. This is an open and safe forum where nothing is held back, no subject is out of bounds, and there are no limits to where these conversations will go...or where the possibilities can lead. So buckle up for the ride boys, The ManFixer is here for you, and it's time for your potential to be realized. Follow us now on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you enjoy your shows!

Photo Credit New Moon Beginnings

New Moon Beginnings

Mia's is in love with this brand that offers energy giving, crystals, candles and aromatherapy. The pure earth-based energy is what inspires the New Moon Beginnings team everyday. Every piece listed has been carefully and lovingly selected based on attraction to the harmony of the crystals. Their team pride themselves on their wide selection and their hope is that any choice that you make from their shop raises your spirits and guides you in your journeys.

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The first washable, two piece rug system. Developed by an animal lover whose expensive rug was ruined by her furry friend. It’s a smart idea that actually works! Tiffany is obsessed with with her new “Venom” rug in emerald which is a part of the Johnathan Adler collection. These awesome rugs are washable, stain resistant, interchangeable, non slip, pet friendly and made to order. Their core values are people, pets and the planet: They minimize their carbon footprint by using recycled materials whenever possible and sponsoring reforestation efforts all around the world and they sponsor life-saving surgeries and critical care for pets whose owners could not afford it.


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