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Say What? Our Guide to Bougie Swear Words

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Common swear words are just too basic, doll. Below is a glossary of our own commonly used lingo. Some words require no explanation.


Boomshakalaka - a term brought into common use in our 'hood by Mia's husband. It's become his personal brand. That being said, adapting your own one or two word personal "brand mantra" is a very bougie idea.

Bananas Crazy

Bougina One's lady bits; aka Vajayjay

Dodge-ouis (dodge-WAH) Dodgy

En Fuegs On Fire

Straight Fire So hot!

Lit Synonym for "On Fire" "En Fuego/En Fuegs" and "Straight Fire"

Feck F#ck

Fungulo (Fun-GOO-low) F#ck

Scheisse Balls (SHY-sa balls) Shit balls

Scheise (SHY-sa) Shit

Merde (Mayrd) Shit

Totes Totally

Sacre bleu (sah-creh BLUE) OMG!

Mon Dieu (mohn-DO) My gosh

Spill the tea To reveal hot gossip

Once one achieves a certain level of proficiency with the above terms, you can combine them such as "en fecking fuegs" and "Dodge-ouis scheisse".

Have fun with it! Cheers!


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