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iHeart Queens, A Bougie Bike & Replenishing Life

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Cheers to our iHeart Radio Debut!

It is official! We are the new, self-proclaimed, queens of iHeart Radio! We are celebrating with a fitting cocktail called, Queen of Hearts. It is super easy and tres delish. We kept it simple, summery and skinny with Rum, Raspberry Vodka, Grenadine, a splash of diet Ginger Ale. For an extra bougie touch, garnish the rim of the glass with black or red sugar!

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The Peloton is the crème de la crème of stationary bikes and it is living up to all the hype! It is a fat burning machine! Tiffany is so hyped about her new bike, she wants our Bougie Crew, Peloton riders to join along at #crazyrichneighbors or friend her at tmcd777.


  • total body work out: cycling, yoga, strength, mediation, et

  • larger screen, 360 degree movement

  • live and on-demand classes, ride with other members

  • real time data

  • stack your classes for a total body workout.

  • pairs with apple watch

  • quiet & compact.

Fighting Age & Hangovers

Mia cannot make it a week without checking in at her fav. place to attempt to defy age, restore beauty and replenish life. The biostation offers "personalized healthcare that supports your body’s natural healing processes, rather than just controlling your symptoms." Mia loves the IV nutrient therapies, BLean and b12shots, Glutathione pushes, ThermiVa and the awesome staff! They have several locations in Florida: Miami, Tampa, Boca, Delay Beach (east and west) and Jupiter.


  • bioidentical hormone therapy

  • coolsculpting

  • microneedling

  • thermismooth

  • 7-day detox

  • nutrient injection therapy

Please Note: We are not sponsored (YET!), we're sharing the things that we truly adore. We are not medical professionals and are not giving health and/or medical advice. We are just two bougie bitches, spreading joy and spilling hot tea!


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