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Country Club Coolers & Vena CBD

Updated: Feb 12

The Cocktail of the Week is Country Club Cooler courtesy of in honor of one of Boca's oldest country club communities.

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This vintage drinkie appears to have first been published eons ago by Jacques Straub, one of the foremost wine experts in the world. The Country Club Cooler in was featured in his Book "Drinks", which was published in 1914, and then was re-issued posthumously in 1920.


2 ounces dry vermouth

carbonated water

1/2 teaspoons Grenadine

1 spiral of orange

1 lemon peel twist


Pour Grenadine and 2 ounces carbonated water into a Collins glass and stir.

Add ice cubes and dry vermouth.

Fill with carbonated water and stir again.

Add the twist of lemon peel and the orange spiral so that the end dangles over the rim of the glass.

Bougie Bible Selects

Mia is loving the VITRUVI brand for its stunning design, décor versatile, beautifully colored, high-quality stone diffusers and quality essential oils. Mia's favourite oils are organic sweet orange, eucalyptus, and lavender. Aromatherapy changes our mood, relaxes us, and even takes us back to a specific memory. By diffusing essential oils in your space, you intentionally set the stage for how you show up for your loved ones, your work, and yourself. Photo Credit:

These diffusers softly scent the air as they’re diffused in water; we also mix them into baths, body oils, lotions, homemade linen waters, clothing washes, and more. The diffusers are particularly amazing for (gracefully) upping the humidity during dry spells at your desk or bedside table. Check them out at and save 10% when you sign up for their news letter.

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Tiffany loves this brand that was created by former RHOOC, Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie. Their products are amazing. We are not affiliated with them - this is her honest review. They offer 16 different CBD products from gummies, tinctures to pills, cooling cream for sore muscles

CBD bath salts, pet chews etc. The skincare is awesome too, especially the Miracle Manuka (honey) cream. T's favourite is the lemon CBD gummies as it helps her sleep well with no groggy feeling the next day. Subscribe to their mailing list and receive 20% off of your first order.


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