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Clean Beauty, Crooked Grannies & Artisinal Eats

Updated: Feb 12

Cocktail of The Week

In homage to the granny with a drug rap, in this week's episode this week's drinkie is Shady Lady!


1 ounce white tequila

1 ounce Midori

4 ounces white grapefruit juice

Add the ingredients in a highball glass, and garnish with lime and a cherry.

Mia loves this Bare Minerals. This pioneering company started the clean beauty revolution when they launched their best-selling mineral foundation in 1995, and since then they have continued to create clean, cruelty-free makeup and skincare products that never compromise on performance. In addition to being certified cruelty-free, this brand is paraben-free, formaldehyde free, mineral-oil free, coal tar free. ou can shop the skin care line by skin type or by skin issue. The makeup line is rich, with gorgeous color pallets.

1-ON-1 VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS are available if you want to try out a new look or learn pro tips via Video chat with one of our clean beauty experts from home.

They have an awesome loyalty program.

Check them out at and save 15% on your first order when you subscribe to their email list.

Tiffany's BougieBible Select

Try The World is the first gourmet tour around the world, no plane ticket needed.

Discover an array of the best gourmet and cultural finds in each box, accompanied by a beautiful illustrated Culture Guide explaining how to enjoy the food. Snacks, gourmet foods, ingredients and beverages all sourced from their countries of origin. This company is artisanal, small, family owned companies make the items in the traditional methods Tiffany loves the Argentinian olive spread, the Indian Chana mix and the kimchi.

How does it work?
  • Gift boxes, individual items or Subscribe to receive a gourmet box from a different country like France, Japan or Brazil every month.

  • Signature box, 7-8 gourmet items or snack box, 5 snacks. Pricing varies by subscription level.

  • $10 off signature box: TAKE10

  • $10 off snack box: SNACKBOX10

*Note: These are brands that we use and love; some links may contain affiliate links.


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