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Pure Decadence! Vesper Martinis, La Table Hermes & Loud A$$, Boomboxes

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We're kicking off our spy-licious, episode #5 in style and saying cheers to life and adventure with the Vesper Martini, named after Bond's big love, in Casino Royal!

Try it at home as you listen along! Cheers

  • Mix together three parts Gordon’s Gin with one part vodka and half a measure of Lillet

  • Strain mixture into a cocktail glass

  • Garnish with a long thin piece of lemon peel

This week's Bougie Bible obsessions were about pure vibes and decadence.

We NEVER leave the house without a boombox to get the party started.

First up, is the long awaited custom, "Lambo" speaker envisioned by Dr. Boomshakalaka-licky-laki-lukey and created with precision and excellence by Lo Case Audio . The sound quality in our humble opinion rivals the most, mammoth JBL speaker. Lo creates his art by referral only. Tell him the crazy, rich neighbors sent you.

*WARNING* Watch out neighbors, Memorial Day shenanigans will be hosted by Sting Ray and Aquaman and its gonna be loud and lit! Don't say we didn't warn you.

Dr. Boom's Lambo Speaker Features:

  • 250Watts (110+ decibels ... LOUD)

  • 2 Subwoofers

  • Under-chassis LED lights with wide color selection, flashes to the beat

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • 8hr+ battery

  • Voltmeter

  • USB docking station and phone charger.

  • Key lock secured.

  • Original Lamborghini design elements

Next's up is T's compact, bougie cutie that packs a major punch! This MUZEN OTR Metal Portable FM Radio Bluetooth speaker is so fab and has vintage vibes. Not only is it a boombox, built for any size purse but it is also a transistor radio, just incase the aliens want to send us messages.

Don't forget to checkout out the CRN playlists on Spotify and get the party started ASAP!

Last but not least, everyday is a gift, enjoy your lux goods , often! We are totes obsessing over Hermes dishware and especially the new Passifolia collection from La Table Hermes , available for preorder now!

Photo credit: La Table Hermes.

" An homage to the foliage that protects the earth, to the colours that burst forth in song. To the power of flora, its folly, and its leaves which rustle a single word, Passifolia." - Hermes


Limoges porcelain

Hand wash only

Made in France

The above are not paid endorsements, they're things we love.


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