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Boozy Brides Maids, Rainbows & Calm

Updated: Feb 12

The Cocktail for Episode 57: Bridesmaid for Hire is Boozy Brides Maids, courtesy of in honor of our guest, Jen Glantz, the Bridesmaid for Hire, author of three books and she’s the host of the You're Not Getting Any Younger Podcast.


Pour 1/2 bottle of your favorite champagne into a pitcher.

Add a full can of ginger ale.

Then add 2 scoops of raspberry sherbert.

TIP: instead of ice cubes, use frozen fruit

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Bougie Bible

Kurt Geiger

Tiffany's BB selected this is Kurt Geiger, London-based purveyor of shoes, purses and accessories.

Driven by creativity with unique style statements. They have 50+ years of creating authentic, distinctive designs built to empower and embolden their community. The rainbow is their signature and it represents the good energy and love they have for the community and the many ways they collectively express individual styles. The brand is moderately priced and offers free shipping and free returns. Sign up for their mailing list and get 10% off your first order.

Available stateside at Norstrom’s and Dillards or at

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Mia's select is the Calm App that helps her get through Mecury in Retrograde and stressful moments in life. They are the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, with over 100 million downloads and over 1.5M+ 5-star reviews. We’re honored to be an Apple BEST OF 2018 award winner, Apple's App of the Year 2017, Google Play Editor's Choice 2018, and to be named by the Center for Humane Technology as "the world's happiest app". Download and try it for free.


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